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Aude Slama Joins Natbank’s Board of Directors

Aude is also an active member of the CFCC’s board of directors in Florida.  Her expertise is appreciated and recognised everywhere she gets involved.  Congratulations for this nomination! Click here to read more about the details of her new position!

A Good Start for the QFCC

The QFCC Holiday events marked the end of the first three months of the 2017-2018 year.  The year started in September with the annual Kick Off cocktails. Both events in Quebec and Florida were a good way to lead off the year after summer. The members got to network and to learn about the new […]

Invest in a US Business? Get a Green Card? Sounds Easy, is it?

Foreigners are still very interested in buying US businesses or creating them from scratch and as a further benefit the foreigners may get a green card in the process.  The EB-5 Investor Immigration category to immigrate to the U.S. has become a way for many foreigners to get that elusive permanent residence status often called […]

Success stories of Quebec exporters

Success stories are always a good reference point when considering exportation.  The Groupement des chefs d’entreprise du Québec presented a lunch-conference during the Classe Export Trade Show in Montreal on May 26, 2016.  The panel featured four of the Groupement’s members and successful exporters and was mediated by its president, Michel Bundock.  The QFCC’s team […]

Bring Your Business to the Next Level with Cloud Solutions

During the second edition of the QFCC’s luncheon the focus was on maximizing cloud solutions to grow your business. We had the pleasure to welcome Etienne Berthiaume from Gurus Solutions who discussed more in depth with our members about the advantages of cloud solutions.  The group was quite diversified with representatives from the real estate, […]

Qu’est-ce qu’une entreprise peut faire pour se protéger dans un contexte de fluctuation des taux de change?

Par SERVICES INTERNATIONAUX DESJARDINS Les risques de fluctuation des devises sont de trois types : • le risque de conversion, qui touche particulièrement les importateurs et les exportateurs, • le risque de consolidation, qui peut avoir un impact sérieux sur les entreprises qui détiennent des actifs américains, par exemple; et • le risque économique, qui concerne […]

La loi Achetez américain (Buy American Act) et ses conséquences pour votre entreprise

Par SERVICES INTERNATIONAUX DESJARDINS Concrètement, la loi Achetez américain (Buy American Act) signifie que les exportateurs canadiens menant des affaires aux États-Unis doivent maintenant composer avec un cadre réglementaire plus restrictif et plus sensible aux courants politiques protectionnistes des deux chambres (Républicaine et Démocrate) du pouvoir américain. Lisez la suite ici